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Monday, November 16, 2009

National Computer Science Education Week in America!!!!

One of my collegues, Peter Anderton (in the UK believe it or not), posted a link on his Twitter account.  Not that I was visiting Twitterville mind you.  I just noticed his link to Twitter on LinkedIn. *smile*

According to his post, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a resolution declaring the week of December 7th National Computer Science Education Week.  The date was picked in honor of Grace Hopper's birthday.  Here is the link for the resolution


Follow my thinking process for a sec if you don't mind.

Grace helped invent COBOL. 

Because of this, Grace became synonymous with COBOL.

So, Grace = COBOL correct?

So is it safe to say that National Computer Science Education Week is also a tribute to COBOL?

The plan for everyone to realize that COBOL rules the world is coming together nicely.  *smile*

Now if we can get Al Gore to endorse COBOL (since he invented the internet) we can move my plan to stage II (add maniacal laughter here).

So, make sure everyone celebrates National Computer Science Education COBOL Week starting December 7th!

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